St. Peters Schools Need Nurses

Why hire a full-time school nurse in your St. Peters school? Avoid the payroll, insurance costs and other benefits by employing your school nurse by leaving it to Visiting Care Giving Services.

School Nurses Are Critical to St. Peters Students

It’s important to have a nurse in every school, from elementary through secondary, to care for the health and wellness needs of the students while they are present. They take care of everyday injuries and accidents. There are also students with special needs, like chronic health conditions and other conditions that require skilled medical supervision.

If you contract with Visiting Care Giving Services for your St. Peters school nurse, we will assign a licensed registered nurse to your school. This level of expertise is necessary to handle all the health issues that can arise.

Responsibilities of the School Nurse

The nurse assigned to your St. Peter school will be a member of the overall healthcare team of the student body. He/she will provide preventive healthcare services, as well as identify and recommend additional services needed. The school nurse will collaborate with the students’ medical care providers and families to ensure any medical issues are addressed.

The school nurse is a key component in each student’s well-being and combined with other members of the healthcare and educational team and family, works toward overall academic success. When students are healthy and safe in school, they are more ready to learn and succeed.

Our school nursing staff will provide the core duties of a typical school nurse, specifically:

  • Treating injuries and acute illnesses
  • Managing special healthcare needs of applicable students
  • Administer health screenings, like hearing, eyesight, etc.
  • Provide referrals to address any medical issues
  • Educates and informs the students on healthcare issues like nutrition, exercise, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Develops and manages each student’s healthcare plan while in school and communicates with family, school officials and other healthcare providers
  • Monitors and addresses mental and psychological issues, like bullying and suicide prevention.
  • Monitors immunizations and reports any contagious and communicable diseases.

Additional St. Peters Healthcare Services

In addition to providing school nursing services, Visiting Care Giving Services offers a wide range of home healthcare assistance. For those seniors and disabled individuals wanting to remain in their home but need extra help to do so, we can help!

Our staff can provide you with:

  • Medical in-home health services for those with serious illnesses.
  • Non-medical personal care that helps with certain tasks like meals, housecleaning, bathing, dressing, and others to allow them to continue to live and function at home.
  • Companion care to assist with transportation, shopping, entertaining and social activities.
  • Respite care to give family caregivers a break from the ongoing responsibilities of caring for their loved ones.

Comprehensive Care in St. Peters

Don’t accept less than the best when you want in-home healthcare services. Our services encompass a complete program for each individual we serve.

We develop a comprehensive healthcare plan that is unique to each client. The plan will include the resources necessary to meet client needs. We periodically update this plan as changes to the healthcare needs may change. We will continue to evaluate each individual’s safety and recommend improvements to prevent further issues.

If you need home healthcare services in St. Peters, Visiting Care Giving Services is the one the choose!