Home Healthcare in Washington Has Many Benefits

The elderly or disabled in Washington, Missouri, who are trying to live independently may need some help. Home health care services can be a great way to allow them to remain in the comfort of a familiar environment as long as possible.

When patients are recovering from an injury, have a chronic illness, or are just in declining health because of aging, they need assistance. Home healthcare has many advantages over a nursing home, rehab or assisted living facility.

  1. Familiarity 
    Most people in Washington prefer living in their own homes, if possible. They know the surroundings, their neighbors and have an emotional attachment to it. They can maneuver better in the familiar environment.

    However, the home may not be set up for them to function successfully when ill or injured. For example, is the laundry room in the basement? This is a problem for those with limited mobility. Home health care workers can assist the patient with tasks like laundry and other light housekeeping tasks.
  2. Independence 
    Feeling in charge of your life is important to everyone. The elderly and disabled are no different. When they move to a residential facility, they lose that sense of control over their lives.

    Home healthcare services can fulfill many of the same duties performed in these facilities in the patient’s residence. This is a win-win; the patient is receiving the necessary care, while retaining that sense of independence.
  3. Personal Relationships 
    When a home healthcare staff member is assigned to a patient, they often bond and develop a relationship between them. The care is one-on-one, so the personal attention is greater. Care facilities are staffed with many caregivers. Although the majority are compassionate and helpful, the personal attention is not there.

    Remaining at home also helps the patient maintain connections with neighbors and local establishments. They can continue going to the same Washington hairdresser and grocery store. They can have coffee with their friend down the street.
  4. More Affordable 
    The cost of home healthcare is much less than a nursing home or assisted living facility. The amount saved depends, of course, on the level of care needed. But even a full-time caregiver can cost much less than a nursing facility.

Types of Home Healthcare Services in Washington

There are several levels of care provided to patients in their Washington homes, based on the needs of the patient.

  • Private Duty Nursing for those who need a high degree of medical care and administration. Only registered nurses perform these duties.
  • Home Health Aides to assist the patient with personal hygiene, dressing, toileting and monitoring medications and vital signs.
  • Companion Services perform light housekeeping, transportation, social activities, personal grooming, and companionship.
  • Palliative Care for patients who are suffering from serious and/or end-of-life illnesses. Caregivers are specialized in this field, improving the quality of life for the patient and their families.
  • Respite Care to relieve the regular caregivers of the ongoing burden and stress of caring for their loved ones. Staff assigned can depend on the level of care needed.

Get Quality Home Healthcare Services in Washington

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