Healthcare Case Management for Chesterfield Residents

Home healthcare is a popular alternative to long-term care. It is less expensive, allows the individual to remain more independent in their familiar environment, and above all, is just as effective, if managed properly.

When an individual is injured, disabled, chronically ill or unable to perform some of the functions needed to remain in their home, home healthcare workers can be a big help. But there needs to be someone to oversee the overall healthcare services the individual is receiving to ensure they get what they need to stay safe and well. That’s where the Case Manager comes in.

What Does a Case Manager Do?

If you live in Chesterfield and are receiving home healthcare, you need a case manager assigned to coordinate all the services you receive. Your case manager will communicate with your care team, which includes doctors, nurses, social workers and other specialists involved in your healthcare. They will also establish and maintain a close relationship with your family.

The case manager will solicit input from you and your support team. They will develop a treatment and care plan specific to your needs and focused on keeping your healthy and achieving the best quality of life possible. The case manager will review your plan on a regular basis and tweak it based on your changing situation, as needed.

The case management plan ensures that ethical and legal issues are addressed and that patients receive medically appropriate services. Case managers coordinate with insurance companies regarding medical procedures, qualifications and reimbursement. They facilitate scheduling medical procedures, as well as admissions and discharges from medical facilities.

Case Manager Qualifications

The training and education required to become a case manager vary, depending on the specific type management they perform. However, no matter how educated a person is, they won’t necessarily be successful at case management without strong people skills. Some “soft” skills that are needed for expert case management include:

  • Compassion. When you work with the sick and elderly it’s is mandatory that you are caring and compassionate. You must be patient, respectful and kind in dealing with the individual in order to gain their trust.
  • Communication. The case manager will be communicating with many individuals on the patient’s care team. They must be able to speak clearly and listen carefully to the patient and their caregivers.
  • Flexibility. Because medical treatments and procedures don’t always go as planned, the case manager must be flexible enough to adjust, as needed.
  • Problem solving. Many hiccups can happen in the course of a patient’s care. The case manager needs to have critical thinking skills to find and recommend alternatives, when necessary.
  • Leadership. The case managers are often in a leadership role, either managing or supervising other healthcare staff.

Trust Your Case Management to Us

We have the qualified and compassionate staff to fulfill the role of case manager to you in Chesterfield. You can count on us to care for you or your loved one in the comfort of their own homes. Our case managers will ensure that you will get the proper care that you need and deserve to maintain a higher quality of life.