Do You Need Companion Care in Wentzville?

If you are an elderly or disabled person living alone in your home in Wentzville, you may need some assistance to remain independent. Maybe you don’t have major health issues, but you’d like someone to keep you company and help you around the house. Maybe you no longer care to drive yourself to doctor appointments, shopping or other events.

Good news! Visiting Caregiving Services can provide you with a compassionate, respectful and cordial person to give you solace in an otherwise lonely situation. Our companion care staff members will make sure you have the assistance you need to remain confident and safe in your own home.

What Are Companion Care Services?

Primarily, companion care is providing emotional support to individuals who are in general good health but need a little assistance or companionship. Companions keep the client company, serving as a person to lean on, have discussions with, join in games and other fun or leisure activities. They can also perform several non-medical physical duties.

Basically, the role of the staff member providing companion care is to emotionally support the individual, improve their quality of life, and provide companionship.

Companion Care Tasks

Every individual has different needs, so the role of the companion care individual can be varied. When you hire Visiting Care Giving Services, we will assign a qualified person to report to your Wentzville residence who will assist you in a variety of tasks. Some of these can include:

  • Bathing, dressing and walking
  • Planning and preparing meals according to diet restrictions
  • Light household chores, like washing dishes and sweeping floors
  • Doing laundry
  • Running errands
  • Shopping
  • Planning/scheduling social engagements
  • Transportation to appointments or other activities
  • Monitoring and administering medication
  • Providing respite care for family caregivers

Benefits of Wentzville Companion Care

The most important benefit of companion care is that it improves the quality of life for the client. Companions form a relationship with their clients that allows them to feel more secure. They will feel more comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts and discuss challenges and worries with that person.

The elderly and disabled can feel isolated and lonely. They have unique challenges that many of us not in their situation don’t even realize. Worrying about getting to their next doctor appointment, getting food in the house, washing dishes—these can be a source of great stress. That’s why so many isolated individuals become depressed.

When a companion steps in and resolves many of those issues that are sources of concern, the client often leads a happier and healthier life. They are more apt to participate in outside activities to improve their social life. Just having someone to talk to can ward off depression, forgetfulness and malaise.

Another plus of having a regular companion is that they see their client regularly and can notice issues that may arise. They can alert the family or medical professionals of any concerns and changes to their clients’ behavior that may warrant further investigation or increased care.

Don’t Be Lonely in Your Wentzville Home

If you are an elderly or disabled person living alone in Wentzville, contact Visiting Care Giving Services at (636) 493-9058. We have many caring and compassionate individuals who can offer you companionship.

If you are a family member caring for your loved one and need some assistance, we also provide short- and long-term respite care. You can take that vacation, get some much-needed rest, or just get some time to yourself, all while knowing your loved one is safe and secure with our home care in Wentzville or the surrounding areas.