Case Management by Chesterfield Senior Advocates

Case management is a specialized process that evaluates the health and care needs for an individual. Input from several sources is necessary to prepare a comprehensive plan that’s right for each individual. These sources include the client’s support team, like doctors, hospitals, nurses, caregivers, family, and any others who are responsible for providing care to the client. Contact our team today to find out how our case management services can help you find the best senior care in Chesterfield and the surrounding area.

Philosophy of Case Management

The intent of a case management plan is to ensure that the client receives the optimum level of wellness and appropriate care to achieve it. It also encompasses self-management and individual functional capacity.

Case management emphasizes strong ongoing communication among the support team members to provide updates on the client’s status and changing needs. Each team member advocates for the client’s health and quality of care. To achieve maximum benefits, the case management plan will:

  • Facilitate the achievement of client wellness
  • Advocate for the client
  • Continually assess the changing needs of the client
  • Encourage strong collaboration within the team
  • Link clients with appropriate providers and resources
  • Ensure care is safe and effective

The Role of the Case Manager

The case manager is the person who coordinates the case management process. In collaboration with all team members, their primary responsibility is to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate and necessary levels of care. This care includes not only physical care, but also social and emotional wellbeing as well.

Additional duties of the case manager are to:

  • Ensure ethical and legal issues are addressed
  • Coordinate with insurance representatives for reimbursement procedures
  • Review patient charts and meet with health care professionals
  • Facilitate medical facility admissions and discharge

Case Manager Qualifications for Chesterfield Senior Advocate

Because the role of case manager is so important in the patient’s overall health administration, these individuals should be properly educated. Our case managers are either registered or licensed practical nurses who are familiar with the medical terminology and various requirements.

People skills are key when it comes to case management because they will be collaborating with many individuals at different levels. They must be compassionate and caring in implementing the patient’s care plan. They need to be able to think outside the box to provide the best care management, specially as a senior advocate in Chesterfield. Problem solving and mitigation are great qualities to have as well.

Trust Visiting Care Giving Services to Deliver Case Management

Visiting Caregiver Services will provide on-going case management to ensure you have the appropriate caregivers and a consistent care team.

If you had surgery or incurred an injury, your case manager will be in contact with the hospital, physician, and you care facility. The case manager will ensure that post surgery or post injury care orders are followed, and medications are dispensed. If special equipment or medical supplies are needed, your case manager will coordinate with your physician for delivery.

A senior advocate from Visiting Care Giving Services is the common denominators of everything related to the patient’s healthcare and well-being. They will ensure that everyone on the team is kept current on any changes in the patient’s needs. Even if the family is away, we provide them with regular updates so that they can have peace of mind.